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Green Office Tips

1.      Most modern Printers & Copiers have a Power Saver / Sleep mode. Make sure you use it. This considerably saves Electricity and also increases life of equipments as less heat is generated.

2.      Always use both sides of a paper when Printing & Writing.

3.      Instead of printing out e-mail messages, file them in Outlook or another e-mail system. File the attachments on your hard drive or on a shared drive. Convert an e-mailed invoice to a PDF.

4.      If your office provides disposable cups for beverages, eliminate the need for them by bringing in extra glasses and mugs from home.

5.      Arrange furniture to take advantage of natural light from windows. Place desks and reading chairs next to windows to cut down on the need and use of supplemental, artificial light during the day.

6.      Make it a habit to turn off the lights when you’re leaving any room for 15 minutes or more and utilize natural light when you can.

7.      Setting your computer to go to sleep automatically during short breaks can cut energy use by 70 percent. Remember, screen savers don’t save energy.

8.      Brighten up your cubicle with plants, which absorb indoor pollution.

9.      Change all of your light bulbs to CFLs, LEDs, or other energy-saving alternative light bulb solutions.

10.  Got unused stationery with last decade’s company logo on it lying around? Use it for scratch paper. Use it for document drafts (instead of the “new” recycled paper you’ve purchased). Use it for tonight’s grocery list. Just use it!


From : http://flod.in/cafe/responsible-living-tips/2011/11/12/