As an office furniture total solution provider, NIC provides the following services to our clients:

  1. Submitting office furniture proposals and budgets to clients.
  2. Handling import and customs operation and delivering to client’s site.
  3. Integrating with import and local resources, providing total solution for clients.
  4. Providing a professional installation team for furniture, cabinet and partition installation.
  5. Offering after-service and keeping stock for key components.
  6. Designing and supplying custom-made furniture.

NIC 為客戶尋求辦公空間設施之解決方案,提供以下各項服務:

  1. 為客戶做售前之家具企劃、提供規劃及預算服務。
  2. 辦理進口作業,並安排運輸送達指定地點。
  3. 擁有本地協力工廠,整合進口與本地供應資源,為客戶降低成本,提供最佳解決方案。
  4. 擁有專業的組裝團隊,負責家具、櫥櫃、隔間等之按裝施工。
  5. 負責產品保固及售後服務,並保持庫存相關維修零件。
  6. 客製化家具設計及供應。